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Lasting Legacy Tattoos

There is definitely no shortage of tattoo shops in Langley and it can be overwhelming trying to find the shop that fits for you. At Lasting Legacy Tattoos we want you to feel COMFORTABLE and most importantly SAFE.


Co-owners Matt and Kent have worked hard to create a shop that reflects their dream to create a tattoo FAMILY. Their award winning shop has proven itself to be the BEST choice in town.


Home to some of the best artists in British Columbia, Lasting Legacy Tattoos is proud to provide its clients with an experience that will leave a LASTING impression, bringing you back with your friends and family so that they too can be part of the LEGACY family.

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Matt Inked Araujo

Head Artist, Manager

& Co-Owner

Matt Inked Araujo

For the past 17 years I have been a tattoo artist and I could never imagine myself in any other career. I feel constantly inspired and this feeds my passion and drives me to express my creativity through my tattoo machine. I have been blessed to be part of some amazing shops along my journey to where I am today, and most recently winning “Best Tattoo Artist/Shop” in Surrey, Delta, and White Rock as voted by the public. That said, I have always known that I would one day own my own shop, and so with the encouragement of my beautiful wife and a bond built on respect and honesty with my business partner Kent, Lasting Legacy Tattoos was created. My vision for this shop is not just to build a shop, but to build a place that we can call home. Our team is not just a team, but a family. So with Kent and I, our lucky ladies .I invite you into our home to be part of our Lasting Legacy.

Shelby Truesdale


Shelby Truesdale

I've loved doing art as long as I can remember. I was offered the opportunity to go through the fine arts program in high school, and decided I wanted to get into tattooing when I was 14. It has been amazing to be given the chance to follow my dreams. I strive every day to improve, push my boundaries and live my best life. I love giving people a way to express themselves and tell their story, while writing the next chapter of my own.

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Kent (Pitty) MacDonald

A few years ago I made a tough decision and put down my tattoo machine in order to grow a successful business in the film industry. I never lost my passion for tattooing and I knew in my heart that one day I would return to it.​ So, when Matt approached me with his idea to open a new shop, I knew instantly that-that time was now. This was exactly the push I needed to get back to doing what I love, and with the added bonus of having another amazing artist, and close friend, by my side. I decided to take Matt up on his offer to work together. Our goal is to forge a legacy, built on respect and honesty, that will last longer than forever. A legacy that includes you, your friends, and your families. So, on behalf of our family, here at Lasting Legacy Tattoos, I invite you to stop by any time. I cant wait to meet you when you get here.

Kent (Pitty) MacDonald

Artist & Co-Owner


April Weiss

April Weiss

I started tattooing in 2009 in Red Deer AB where I had my apprenticeship. I have been on the one way in langley about 10 years now. I enjoy tattooing many styles but I would say my favourites are the more realistic/detailed designs. I really love full colour projects! And of course I enjoy creating custom designs for clients with their own unique ideas


Ryan M

I have been drawing since as far back as I can remember , I love art I'm an all things nerdy guy and a big photography buff . I strive for perfection in anything I do and will stop at nothing to better myself ! I'm ecstatic to have this opportunity and really look forward to helping people through tattoos. Don't be shy come to the shop and say hi !!

Apprentice Ryan M



Co Owner



I have always had a passion for art & for as long as I can remember, I have been mesmerized by tattoos & how some artists can reach inside the minds of their clients & transfer their dream onto their skin. This connection between artist & client was what linked me eternally to my husband Matt. I wear our love story very proudly & expand it as our life journey continues. As my husband expresses his artistic abilities through tattoos, I express my art & creations through my companies based in beautiful Langley BC .
I feel very blessed to be part of my husband's dream to own his own shop & I look forward to meeting you & being part of your Lasting Legacy experience. 

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20591 Fraser Highway, Langley B.C. V3A 4G4

Tel: 604.427.4997




Monday -  By Special Appointment Only
Tuesday-​​Saturday: 11am - 7pm
​Sunday: Closed

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