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Poked By Pinz 

My name is Josh Darby (AKA Pinz), and I'm a body modification artist and piercer with 16 years experience. When I was younger I had watched my mother get some piercings and tattoos, which definitely sparked an early interest. A little later in life I watched a lot of documentaries about tribes in Africa, and how other cultures around the world used body modification as a rites of passage or sign of beauty. I became hooked! My favourite part of performing body piercing, is that look when a client has received the perfect placement and you see their eyes light up, followed with a huge smile. The beauty in people's reactions to having control of their body has always been my driving force. When battling things like self image or insecurities, piercings/mods for clients can be a life changing experience. I've watched people cry their eyes out in joy, and you can see a new light come to their self confidence. This is what piercing is about to me. My practice involves using the highest grades available on the market. As a titanium only studio, having a quality product from a quality company, is essential to my survival as a buisness. My clients deserve the best, and I'm proud to offer only the best in quality and service.

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